Creator Vs Creation – Understanding the creation

The Character versus the creator is something that’s a never-ending fight. The creator speaks through the character in his/her art. The art may be movies, stories, drama and so on. The creator takes the liberty to say his/her thoughts through the characters in the story. What happens sometimes or most of the times is that we fail to see the character but rather we see the writer/creator alone through that. It feels as if the writer imbibing all his thoughts in it. Is it that bad to do that? What makes you write an article about it? What is your issue with that? A writer is taking a medium to say his thoughts, and who are you to get bothered anyway? If something didn’t work for you, then you can very well leave the place, No one asked you to comment. These are the replies majority of the people like me gets when we throw in such argument.

So first of all, yes, the creators can very well use any medium to express their opinion. At the end of the day, it’s the communication of opinion either way. But a good creator makes you forget that the creator is speaking to you but rather makes you feel that the creation is speaking to you. The creation’s action will be very well justified within the artistic boundary and artistic justification will be done perfectly. When you see too much of the creator rather than the creation, it feels like the creator is manipulating the persona to be something else. Although this might be little offensive to the lovers of certain creators it is absolutely essential to differentiate the art from the person.

On one end when the self-indulgence is harming the creation we come to the rescue of the creator by saying that creator and creation are different. On the other end, we want to relate the creation to the creator/artist so elevate the persona of the creator/ artist we have in mind. This selective choice of seeing a creation and creator is not only bad but also harmful. We have a long history of seeing the creation as the creator himself/herself and increasing our gullibility rating by a considerable amount.

lucas - Vader - creator and creation

The creation has to speak for itself, any creator will/can speak through his/her creations but then it should artistically justify its view. I asked the same question to another friend of mine whose reply was, “If I want to see the director, I would rather go talk to him in person for hours.” For which I questioned that if this medium is the only way for the director to communicate then what would be your explanation?, “If the director is talented then I won’t be hearing it as his thoughts. In fact, I wouldn’t even know that it is his thoughts. The character will be built that way.” This made a lot of sense.


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